Most frequent questions and answers

There are no lock in contracts, you can work with Bambi for one month at a time and leave at the conclusion of any month.

If you are working one on one with Bambi in any of her Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Packages, you can pay in weekly instalments. Details of these packages are available at www.bambicoker.com.au

I have been coaching as at 2020 for 5 years with many happy clients. My testimonials are for all to view on this website.

My contact page allows you to reach me via email or my phone number is also displayed on the contact page.

The online Solutions Membership suits every knowledge level. It starts with basic knowledge right up to very advanced modules. You can learn at your own pace and level.

I wish I could guarantee you every success but the bottom line is, it’s completely up to you, how much you implement and how much you want the results. If you work with Bambi and implement her suggestions, you will have results.

Let's build something great together!

Grow your business and meet with other salon owners to support growth in each other's businesses.

Are you ready for growing profits, happy customers and a great team running your business?
Discover With Salon Business Coach Bambi Coker How To Manage Your Staff, Salon & Cashflow.

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